Frak\ture Is Winding Down

Some real bummer news. Due to stresses brought on by the coronavirus, the owner of Frak\ture has decided to end the publication. I really enjoyed working on the other side of publishing and building a compendium of quality work. I am really proud of the Issue we put out and all the work that went into it.

But this is a weird time, as I’ve said before, and a lot of literary magazines are struggling or have shut down. It is safe to say that any journal associated with a university has closed until students return to campus. I say this because I have been canvassing the internet looking for what is up and running. Also, expect response times to be extensive for any place you are submitting.

Which leads me to my next point – if anyone out there is looking for some reading / editing help, I would totally be on board to join / help out. I think the journal bug bit me! I’ve also been looking for any requests for help while I’ve been researching who is “open for business,” but have not seen any “help wanted” messages. So if you are out there….

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